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Superb Sushi & Ramen

Fast I Fresh I Customised

Yokoso sushi in Ghent & Mechelen is the place for those looking for the best fresh sushi. Whether you like to come in and eat or prefer to take your meal home, Yokoso has it all. If you choose to pick up, we offer you the option of picking up your order in Ghent or in Mechelen.


With the order button on the website or via the QR Code, you can easily put together your favorite sushi and order at any time of the day for the same day or a later time. Picking up your take away meal is quick and easy at Yokoso. You don't have to wait long because we prepare your dishes while you are on the go.


As a lover of sushi, you've come to the right place at Yokoso. Whether you like to take out or come in to eat, we always offer you the best service and quality. Order easily online or via QR Code and in no time your takeaway will be waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Visit Yokoso and be surprised by the delicious sushi!


At Yokoso, we only make our sushi with fresh products from local suppliers, combined with imported Japanese ingredients.


Your order is prepared on the spot à la minute: that way we guarantee absolute freshness.


You can personalise your sushi at Yokoso. Yes, really! Prefer not to have avocado in your sushi? You choose exactly what's in your sushi.


Yōkoso means welcome in Japanese.

ようこそ (Youkoso; yooooh-koh-soh)


You choose what goes into your sushi!

At Yokoso Sushi, you, our customer are at the center of our unique and customized sushi restaurant. You decide entirely what goes into your sushi. Vegetarian sushi filling, vegetarian sushi bowl, vegan sushi, vegan bowls? Everything is possible with us! 


For our sushi filling, we only work with ultra-fresh ingredients from local suppliers supplemented with typical imported Japanese ingredients. 


At Yokoso Sushi, we believe in giving our customers choice. That's why we offer a unique and customized concept where you completely decide what's in your sushi. Whether you are vegan or have allergies, everything is possible with us. Come enjoy healthy, tasty and customized sushi without any restrictions! Choose our unique way of making sushi today and discover how you have complete control over what goes into your sushi filling.

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About Our Cute
Takeaway Boxes

Our takeaway packaging not only looks good, it is completely recyclable! The Yokoso take away bags and boxes are made from recycled FSC certified paper (wood with controlled forest management). Super convenient to use and most importantly, it can hold a lot of sushi!

Choose Yokoso Sushi and you will say no to disposable plastic!


Voldersstraat 17A, 9000 Gent
+ 32 477 88 07 43

Ma - Do van  11:30u - 15:00u & 17:00u - 21:30u

Vr - Zo van 11:30u - 21:30u



Arigato Gozaimasu

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